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Hi, I'm Monika

Someone who was in your shoes not too long ago
I worked in corporate for 15 years... 

Juggling pitches, big projects, and tight deadlines. But as my career flourished, I found myself paying a steep price for the long hours and intense pressure. I had no work-life balance, and my health was suffering.

Despite numerous doctor visits and scans, I couldn't find a solution to my health issues. I was struggling with IBS, acne, polycystic ovarian syndrome, low energy, and severe anxiety. 

I knew I couldn't continue like this, so I decided to make impactful lifestyle changes.

Within a few months, I eliminated the IBS and got my gut health on track, regained my period, was POS-free, cleared up my skin, and had way more energy. 

With my physical health back on track, it was time to focus on my mental health. I turned to mindfulness, self-care and built strong, empowering habits—which contributed immensely to reducing my anxiety and improved my productivity two-fold.

Turning my health around gave me a new lease on life and it was then I really began to thrive. Personally and professionally. I was able to focus, had more mental clarity than ever before, and became more efficient -I now had time for both work and play, and was accomplishing every goal I'd set for myself.   

After my personal experiences, it became clear I could help others also in the same situation.


Through my personal experiences, I realised that I could help others who were struggling with similar health issues. That's when I decided to pursue a holistic health coaching certification at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.


Since then, I have coached, hosted workshops, started a blog and podcast, and launched a business, all with the goal of helping others achieve better health and wellbeing. 


You already have everything you need to succeed—it’s your mindset that changes everything.

Are you ready to unlock your potential with optimal health?

Book a FREE wellbeing call with me to discuss your goals, your timeline, my approach, pricing, and proposed plan. Alternatively, send me an email to learn more, ask a question or leave a note.


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