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Natural Highs: The best ways to boost your energy

If there’s one thing I’m constantly trying to hack, it’s my energy levels. I love bouncing out of bed, with an abundance of energy that lasts the entire day and truly believe that everyone can experience this without the need for copious amounts of caffeine.

Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy my morning coffee - in fact, it's part of my morning routine and I look forward to it (after my lemon water and meditation) but there are some great ways to maintain that fresh energy - naturally!

Eat for energy

Eat foods with a low glycemic index, so sugars are absorbed slowly. This is guaranteed to do a few things;

  • Keep you fuller for longer

  • Release energy evenly over time rather than all at once

Low GI foods include;

  • Whole grains

  • Nuts

  • High fibre veggies - broccoli, brussels sprouts, black beans etc

  • Healthy oils such as olive and coconut

Vitamins Count


Iron is essential for energy. Your body uses iron to produce haemoglobin which transports oxygen to your tissues. Like many women, I’m anaemic which means I have an iron deficiency and have to work harder to hang on it, so I ensure my diet gets plenty of lean, red meat, eggs, fish, nuts, seeds and leafy green veggies. For added absorption, pair iron rich foods with foods containing vitamin C (orange, lemon, strawberries, capsicum, kiwi)


Upping your magnesium intake will help with overall energy levels. Magnesium is found naturally in unprocessed foods (surprise, surprise) and in particular legumes, nuts, seeds and leafy veggies like spinach. All of these are best eaten raw for maximum magnesium absorption.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B is one of the best vitamins for energy production, converting carbs, proteins and fats into fuel in the body. Vitamin B producing foods include salmon, eggs, feta and cottage cheese.

Want to get all your vitamins in one glass? WelleCo's Super Elixir is a great alkalising greens supplement with vitamins, minerals and trace elements to assist wellness and vitality. I take this every morning and I love it.

Avoid Sugar

It’s way too easy to reach for a chocolate bar in that afternoon slump but heads up - it will actually make you feel so much worse in the long run. Your blood sugar levels spike, then come crashing right down.

Vitamin B and Green Tea are two sugar craving killers so opt for a cuppa or some feta cheese instead.

Peppermint Oil

A few good whiffs of peppermint oil and you’ll be cartwheeling across the room! Why? The refreshing oil increases oxygen to the brain, stimulating your mind and helping you focus (so a good one for those who are in study mode). Dab a little on your wrists or burn some peppermint incense if you can.

Drink loads of water

Dehydration is the number one cause of fatigue.

Not rocket science, though is it? We’re about 70% water so, it makes sense to drink a lot of it to flush out the toxins and refuel your body with fresh, oxygenated water.

Extra tip: next time you have a headache - drink 500mls of water and give it 20 minutes before hitting the Panadol or Nurofen. Those should always be your back up, not your go-to headache cure.

Limit Alcohol

Sorry, I had to say it - it will dehydrate you and zap any natural energy you have, as well as drastically reduce your serotonin so you'll not only be parched but a sad sack mess. Alcohol messes with your hormones and brings on anxiety in a big way, another two reasons to cut back.

Get Moving

Here’s a great tip I once read and have when you need energy do 30-star jumps and then a handstand and you’ll feel better instantly. We think we need to go for long runs or do intense cardio to feel the great effects of exercise, but even just raising your heart rate for a few minutes will do it.

Exercise circulates oxygen in your body and releases certain stress hormones that energise you so seriously guys - grab that skipping rope, whack two minutes on the countdown timer and you’re away!

Massage your ears

This one might sound a little woo-woo but trust me, give it a go next time you need a little pick-me-up. Apply pressure to the outer rim of your ear by pinching it for 10-30 seconds and you'll soon feel invigorated. It's based on acupuncture; the acupressure meridians (aka: your energy pathways) pass through your outer ear so massaging them gently gets the energy flowing.

Catch some rays

As little as 10 minutes of sunshine can make a world of difference to your energy levels. It’s a scientific fact - not just because we love le soleil. Vitamin D energises your body from within the cells.

Being exposed to more sunlight will also help you sleep better at night, and while I could have included that as a point in itself, I thought you would probably know that getting enough, (yet not too) much sleep - is oh so important.

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